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  • Armorino It is the portable secured "office" in a pocket of your shirt!!! USB-token for 2-factor authentication and continual "transparent" encryption of your confidential data everywhere: on the stick, on workstations, in "cloud" storages. Also it is your PKI keys carrier, universal authenticator and more...
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  • Perso-CRM Mixed hardware-software complex provides the full life cycle support of PKI smart cards including logical and graphical personalization. The complex is integrated with a CA and automates it's customers service. The complex includes a few types of workplaces with different functional roles.
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  • SPACER SPACER (Secure Physical Access Control Enhanced Reader) is contactless smart card based solution for facilities access control. It is based on strong encryption technologies (AES / 3DES) and reliable smart chip security. All keys are generated directly in the reader by customer.
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  • Smart-RF Universal hardware and software platform for building secure terminals that servicing contactless smart cards 13,56 MHz. The platform provides ready to use security mechanisms, and allows integration of an arbitrary business logic of cards' processing.
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  • Privafon Mixed hardware-software solution for cryptographic protection of mobile communications on the "point to point" basis. Provides the secure session establishment and secure transfer of all types of data traffic: voice, files, short text messages.
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Wide Portfolio

Our portfolio includes wide range of cryptographic solutions developed from a scratch and covers solving of main IT security tasks...

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  • Sophisticated Software Mathematics & System Integration
  • SoC based Hardware Fulcrum of reliable cryptography
  • Turnkey Business ITSec solutions as core of business


Professional Supplier

Our major design principle − to prevent maximum of possible risks!
In our developments we rely on: the fundamental theoretical basis, the latest achievements in the field of information security technologies and everyday practical experience.

Our products are based on "three pillars":

  • Usage of only reliable cryptographic algorithms and protocols;
  • Usage of the hardware protected active key carriers (SoC);
  • Tight integration of the security subsystem with IT system that must be protected.

This approach allows us to produce solutions that combine the perfect security and usability.

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Our developments

«Social Card» System

The system of "Social health insurance card" includes multi-functional smart card and an infrastructure to support it. The card includes: identification application, information for emergency medical care, digital signature, payment application (NSMEP "check"), supports systems of the logical and physical access control, loyalty and contactless micropayments. The card supporting infrastructure includes variety of hardware and software systems.

«PKI Card Perso-CRM» Complex

The hardware-software complex provides the full life cycle support of the smart cards powered by the digital signature function: from issue, logical and graphical personalization up to their invalidation. The complex is integrated with a Certification Authority that supports the cards as active key carriers. Also it supports USB-tokens (without graphical personalization). The complex includes a few types of workplaces and separates the staff permissions by different roles.

«eHealth Card System» Complex

The hardware-software complex that supports the medical application on the "Social card". The system provides protection of personal medical information of the card holder when it is accessed ambulance doctor (without the participation of the affected person) and secure medical data updates in the card from the central server (via a secure channel, after the confirmation of the card holder).

HSM «mcToken»

Hardware Security Module (HSM) is designed for secure generation, keeping and usage of the system secret keys in the smart cards' life-cycle supporting systems and other personalized cryptographic media supporting systems. The module is equipped with a true random number generator based on the physical noise process, and also provides flexibility of the custom business logic definition for the keys transmitting and processing.

«SAM Hierarchy» System

The hardware-software system of the generation and hierarchical distribution of secret keys between security modules (SAM or HSM) of various functional applications. The system can be used to provide the secure support of the full life-cycle of smart cards (or tokens) in the large-scale projects with multiple geographically-distributed service points. System supports separation of the functional roles of operators working with HSM/SAM.


IP-encryptor is intended for protection of a corporate network infrastructure with geographically distributed offices. The encryptor has a hardware true random generator for session keys generation and a hardware accelerator of AES-256 encryption algorithm and SHA-256 hash function. It performs the whole IP-traffic encryption and authentication, protects private networks from external attacks by the firewall and IDS modules, supports scalability of the network services.

«GOST Key Keeper»

Hardware-software solution for secure generation, reservation and usage of the long-term keys of the GOST 28147-89 symmetric encryption and authentication algorithm. It can be integrated as an active key carrier (AKC) to such systems as: storage encryption, secure communications, dynamic authentication and logical access control. The AKC also supports the DSTU 4145-2002 digital signature algorithm and the shared secret key derivation on it's base.

«Secure Virtual Drive»

"Secure Virtual Drive" − software for cryptographic protection of data storages. It allows you to create a virtual disk, which keeps all data in encrypted form only. It is absolutely "transparent" for third-party software. It supports the smart cards and USB-tokens as the key carriers, which are protected by a PIN-code. Thereby it implements the two-factor user authentication. Also it supports integration with flexible access control system "GOST Key Keeper".

Secure chat «Crypto-IM»

Plug-in software module of cryptographic protection for the well-known "instant messaging" client Miranda IM. It supports encryption of the transmitted messages and authentication of the chatting parties by their public key certificates (support of the OCSP service). As an active key carrier it supports smart cards and USB-tokens, including the "Social Card". The choice of supported encryption algorithms: AES-256, Camellia-256 or GOST 28147-89.

«Domain Card Logon»

Windows Logon Provider that performs authentication based on PKI enabled smart cards. It implements two-factor authentication of the Windows domain users based on the ownership of the card with private keys and knowledge of the access PIN code. A distinctive feature of the solution is support of the PKI smart cards that have no additional memory for Windows Logon specific data storing. The solution integrates with Windows CA and AD.

«Pre-Boot Authenticator»

It is authentication system of workstation's (PC) users before an OS boot. The two-factor authentication is based on smart card (including the "Social Card") or USB-token that are protected by a PIN code. The solution is integrated with a system of the bootable (and other) partitions encryption or full disk encryption (FDE). It allows you to protect PC against threats of confidentiality infringement and the spyware injection, in case of non-permanent control over the turned off PC.

Cryptographic library «CryptoLib»

Universal cryptographic transformations library that has a modular structure and allows you to quickly integrate the cryptographic protection means into own or third-party software products. The library supports major domestic and international standards of cryptographic protection, as well as the ability to use the active key carriers that implement a number of cryptographic algorithms by hardware.

Bespoke Software

A problem domain analysis and security software development by your specific requirements.

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Bespoke Hardware

Development of strong cryptography powered hardware for business specific needs.

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ITSec Consulting

Comprehensive vulnerabilities analysis and secure architecting of complex IT systems.

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Crypto Research

Algorithms and protocols cryptanalysis and design, software safety analysis.

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