Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


Microcrypt Technologies Ltd. team successfully works in the market of IT-security since 2005. The main directions of the company activity are development of software, hardware and hardware-software solutions, and also rendering of services in the field of information protection. Our developments are successfully applied both in the territory of Ukraine, and abroad; and the application range is stretched from small and average business to large corporate customers.

Our company provides a wide spectrum of services in development and support of specialized software and hardware, and also development and implantation of complex systems of information security both for the state organizations, and for corporate customers.

All our realized projects irrespective of a complexity level are fulfilled in complete correspondence to requirements of the international quality standards to engineering process. We aspire to apply most modern technologies and development tools in our developments of hardware and software, but we also refer to the checked up and well proved solutions. It allows us to ensure high dependability of our products, and therefore a level of belief to it from our customers.

The important feature of the company is ability and directivity on performance of complicated high technology projects. There are several Cand.Tech.Sci. in the field of systems of the information protection and automated engineering systems among employees of our company.

All employees of the company are highly skilled specialists in the field of information technologies and information protection. The level of knowledge of employees is confirmed by numerous profile certificates, diplomas and positive recalls of clients that allows to solve tasks on high level.

The company office is located in scientific capital of Ukraine - Kharkov where four largest technical institutes training thousand of IT experts are concentrated. The company cooperates with institutes and accepts direct involvement in profile training of talented senior students. Our company has passed the check on correspondence to the requirements according the legislation of Ukraine, and has received licenses for carrying on business in the field of cryptography and technical protection of the information.