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Complex solutions for ITSec

Along with the development of separate information security tools, we also develop complex solutions that address specific business goals by integrating into a single system both software and hardware security solutions, and auxiliary hardware and software.

Our complex solutions focused on improving usability and achieving the minimum cost of installation and maintenance of sophisticated information security systems, while maintaining the highest security level of processed information and all elements of the system. In our complex solutions, we usually use hardware security modules and / or activity key carriers. The integration of separate software tools for the hardware management into a single system can significantly improve the work efficiency of the operating personnel and provide convenience for end-users.

In this section our developments in the field of complex information security systems are presented:

«Social Card» System

The system of "Social health insurance card" includes multi-functional smart card and an infrastructure to support it. The card includes: identification application, information for emergency medical care, digital signature, payment application (NSMEP "check"), supports systems of the logical and physical access control, loyalty and contactless micropayments. The card supporting infrastructure includes variety of hardware and software systems. It is the most large-scale of our projects, which integrates most of our other developments.

PKI cards personification and support complex «PKI Card Perso-CRM»

The hardware-software complex provides the full life cycle support of the smart cards powered by the digital signature function: from issue, logical and graphical personalization up to their invalidation. The complex is integrated with a Certification Authority that supports the cards as active key carriers. Also it supports USB-tokens (without graphical personalization). The complex includes a few types of workplaces and separates the staff permissions by different roles.

eHealth card support complex «eHealth Card System»

The hardware-software complex that supports the medical application on the "Social card". The system provides protection of personal medical information of the card holder when it is accessed ambulance doctor (without the participation of the affected person) and secure medical data updates in the card from the central server (via a secure channel, after the confirmation of the card holder).

All our experience of complex systems development can be used in your project!