Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.

«Social Card»

Social Card is a multipurpose smart card for the social purpose

The most ambitious project of our portfolio is the System of "Social Card". This project encompassed the creation of both the card and the complete infrastructure to support it.

Direct product of the System is a plastic card, equipped with contact and contactless interfaces, and destined for execution of a graphical and logical personification. This card is intended for use as a tool for identification, authentication and secure key storage and other confidential information for a variety of applications. These applications include: a legitimate digital signature, banking payment application, health insurance, hospital systems, physical access control systems, fare collection in urban and suburban transport systems, loyalty, etc.

The product is called "Social Card" for their synergistic effect, which is achieved by combining in a single plastic card of all listed above applications, which makes it a versatile tool for everyday multi-purpose use and allows us to talk about the "social" role of the card.

The “Social Card” (hereafter "Card") represents the active data carrier, that supports national standards of the cryptoprotection and that is combined with the national payment system and additionally equipped with the contactless cryptoprotected interface for supporting “momentary” identification and financial transactions “over the air”.

The "Card" functions:

  • Identification and authentification of the owner of the card;
  • Generation of the relevant in law digital signature;
  • Creation of a confidential and authentic data link with a server;
  • Payment tool (NSMEP "check");
  • Storage of the emergency medical information;
  • Access control to the personal information;
  • Contactless permit for the access control system (ACS);
  • Support of the loyalty systems and the prepaid services based with the contactless interface.

Cryptography algorithms supported by the "Card":

  • Digital signature: DSTU 4145-2002 with a key length of 191 bits;
  • Key agreement: on the basis of DSTU 4145-2002;
  • Symmetric enciphering and an imitation insertion evaluation: GOST 28147-89;
  • Hash function: GOST 34.311-95;
  • Authentification and traffic protection on the contactless interface: DES / 3DES, AES.

The "Card" corresponds with the following standards:

  • the Contact part: ISO 7816 1-4;
  • the Contactless part: ISO 14443A 1-4, ISO 7816-4;
  • the Physical sizes of a card: ISO 7810 (ID-1).

The "Card" includes:

  • 2 chips - with contact and contactless interfaces:
  • the Contact chip - Infineon SLE66C42P;
  • the Contactless chip - NXP DESFire;
  • the card Operating system - UkrCОS 2.0 with applications UkrCОІN and CL-318;
  • Graphic personification: the personal data of the owner is printed on the card backside.

Each user of the "Card" receives package of the software:

  • DSCA Client (implementation of all main functions of operation with the DS and the certificates);
  • Client of synchronization with a medical server;
  • Tool of the cryptographic protection of the local storages of the information;
  • Additional software, depending on the set of ordered services.

The product can be adapted for the requirements of the customer after the requirement specification conformation.