Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


One of the main tasks of hardware of information cryptographic protection is generation, safe storage and application of private keys.

Application of any sensors of pseudorandom numbers for creation of private keys leads to reduction of actual space of keys and, eventually, to degradation of level cryptographic strength of all system. Therefore, for creation of reliable systems of a cryptographic protection, exclusively physical generators of random numbers should be applied.

Solution of the task of keys generation on the basis of physical random process, and also the related task of safe storage and application of private keys, is the hardware-software complex of generation of random numbers and network authentication «mcToken».

Sphere of application of the device - systems of differentiation of access to informational resources, cryptography systems and CPI tools requiring a hardware radiant of an arbitrary sequence.

mcToken is intended for:

  • arbitrary sequence generation;
  • authentication on the basis of symmetric algorithm;
  • creation of a confidential data link with an authentication server;
  • the storage of protected (PIN-code) passwords and keys.

 Features of the product are:

  • generation of a real arbitrary sequence on the basis of a physical radiant of noise;
  • automatic control, in real time, formed arbitrary sequence according to a set of tests FIPS 140-2;
  • support of enciphering algorithm AES (FIPS 197);
  • presence of models with the integrated PIN-keyboard or the fingerprint sensor (on request);
  • a construction in the form of a token with USB 2.0 interface.

The product can be adapted to the requirements of the customer following the agreement of specification.