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Software tools

Due its universality, efficiency and public availability, the general-purpose computers and related software are often used for the creation, accumulation and processing of information, that has increased requirements to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. Therefore, the usage of specialized software for cryptographic protection has become an integral practice in both commercial and government organizations, and actively penetrates into the sphere of citizens' personal data protection.

During the activity, we have developed a range of our own cryptographic software solutions that solve various problems of information security. All of the following developments are focused on achieving the maximum protection and therefore have support of hardware key carriers.

This section presents the security software tools from our portfolio:

Encrypted storages «Secure Virtual Drive»

"Secure Virtual Drive" − software for cryptographic protection of data storages. It allows you to create a virtual disk, which keeps all data in encrypted form only. It is absolutely "transparent" for third-party software. It supports the smart cards and USB-tokens as the key carriers, which are protected by a PIN-code. Thereby it implements the two-factor user authentication. Also it supports integration with flexible access control system "GOST Key Keeper".

Secure chat «Crypto-IM»

Plug-in software module of cryptographic protection for the well-known "instant messaging" client Miranda IM. It supports encryption of the transmitted messages and authentication of the chatting parties by their public key certificates (support of the OCSP service). As an active key carrier it supports smart cards and USB-tokens, including the "Social Card". The choice of supported encryption algorithms: AES-256, Camellia-256 or GOST 28147-89.

Windows authentication provider «Domain Card Logon»

Windows Logon Provider that performs authentication based on PKI enabled smart cards. It implements two-factor authentication of the Windows domain users based on the ownership of the card with private keys and knowledge of the access PIN code. A distinctive feature of the solution is support of the PKI smart cards that have no additional memory for Windows Logon specific data storing. The solution integrates with Windows CA and AD.

Authentication system of boot workstations «Pre-Boot Authenticator»

It is authentication system of workstation's (PC) users before an OS boot. The two-factor authentication is based on smart card (including the "Social Card") or USB-token that are protected by a PIN code. The solution is integrated with a system of the bootable (and other) partitions encryption or full disk encryption (FDE). It allows you to protect PC against threats of confidentiality infringement and the spyware injection, in case of non-permanent control over the turned off PC.

Cryptographic library «CryptoLib»

Universal cryptographic transformations library that has a modular structure and allows you to quickly integrate the cryptographic protection means into own or third-party software products. The library supports major domestic and international standards of cryptographic protection, as well as the ability to use the active key carriers that implement a number of cryptographic algorithms by hardware.

All our experience of security software development can be used in your project!