Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


In many companies program clients of Instant Messaging (IM) are used for an interchanging of instant messages. Employees of the companies often exchange data which can contain a commercial secret or personal confidential data in messages.

To eliminate this channel of leak of the confidential information is possible by enciphering of IM messages.

One of the most popular and freely spread IM-clients is Miranda IM which simultaneously supports various protocols, and accordingly message interchanging servers. Therefore the given client is especially interesting from the point of view of integration of cryptoprotection functions with it.

We implemented the plug-in «Crypto-IM» for information protection during transmission of instant messages by means of Miranda IM.

Features of our development are:

  • support of safety of the messages transmitted on any of protocols, by enciphering of messages by algorithm AES-256, Camellia-256 or GOST 28147-89;
  • authentification of the client is fulfilled on the basis of the certificate of an open key;
  • application of smart cards or tokens as the private key carrier is possible.

For the organization of the protected interchanging it is necessary, that both correspondents use Miranda IM with our plug-in CryptoIM.

The product can be adapted to the requirements of the customer following the agreement of specification.