Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


Microcrypt Technologies Ltd. develops general-purpose library of cryptographic transformations for supporting of own software products and products developing by demand.

Functionality of the library

  • encryption/deciphering of data according to GOST 28147-89 in all conditions, and also calculating of message authentication code according to GOST 28147-89;
  • encryption/deciphering of data with usage of algorithms AES, Camellia, DES and Triple-DES in five modes of application;
  • hashing of data according to GOST 34.311-95;
  • hashing of data by algorithms SHA-2, SHA-1, MD-5;
  • creation and check of the electronic digital signature according to DSTU 4145-2002;
  • generation of pseudorandom binary sequences according to DSTU 4145-2002, Appendix A;
  • calculating and check of the electronic digital signature on elliptic curves by means of algorithms GOST 34.10-2000, ECDSA, ECGDSA, ECKDSA;
  • implementation of procedure of negotiation of private keys on the basis of algorithms ECKAS DH1, ECKAS DH2, ECKAS MQV.

The product can be adapted to the requirements of the customer following the agreement of specification.