Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.

Secure Virtual Drive

By operation with the information which is containing commercial secrets or being confidential, there are tasks on hiding of data from violators who can receive immediate access to a hard disk. It can be an office workstation with which some persons work.

Such task effectively dares by enciphering of disks, folders or separate files.

We offer our own software solution − the «Secure Virtual Drive».

Features of the given product are:

  • creation of a virtual disk and operation "below" a file system, in other words independence from a file system;
  • connection of the enciphered container only after mandatory input of the password;
  • possibility of application of smart cards or tokens, as additional tool of authentification of the owner.

Secure Virtual Drive allows to create the protected containers with usage of symmetric block ciphers:

  • AES-128,-192,-256 (FIPS 197); Camellia-128,-192,-256 - allow to use the most modern international standards of symmetric enciphering possessing high firmness and efficiency;
  • GOST 28147-89 - is the standard recommended for usage in Ukraine that allows to use a product in the state organizations and establishments.

The main possibilities of the product:

  • fast data encoding "on-the-fly", in other words after connection the operation with the enciphered sections is carried out in the same way, as with usual disks and folders;
  • creation of a random amount of containers of the protected disks (files which store the enciphered data);
  • simultaneous connection to 8 protected disks;
  • change of access password to a disk without repeated enciphering of a disk;
  • usage of the reliable generator of keys of enciphering on the basis of stochastic process;
  • support of various file systems - FAT, FAT32, NTFS;
  • the list of fast connection of often used disks;
  • possibility of concealment of the free space of the protected container;
  • fast erasure of the protected disks without possibility of the subsequent restoring;
  • emergency disconnecting of the used protected disks.

 The product can be adapted to the requirements of the customer following the agreement of specification.