Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


The company "Microcrypt Technologies" specializes in developing their own products - software and hardware-software means of cryptographic information security. Our products are focused on providing guaranteed protection of your personal or corporate information.

At present we offer you following our products:


Armorino is a portable USB flash drive / token with the functions of "transparent" data encryption and user authentication in hardware. Its main purpose is safe storage, transfer and backup of confidential information on Windows platform. It is a versatile key carrier and means of strong authentication for a variety of IT systems. To ensure the confidentiality of information the device uses a highly reliable block symmetric cipher AES-256 and the user authentication by password. The number of failed authentication attempts is limited. "Transparent" encryption and password verification are implemented directly in hardware, which allows to achieve a high level of protection without loss of performance. The drive integrates a portable software platform that turns it into a "secure portable office", which you can carry in a pocket of your shirt without worrying about the confidentiality of your information.


Privafon is a hardware-software complex of cryptographic protection of mobile communications. The system is designed for use in cellular networks on smartphones running Windows Mobile 5.0/6.5. Key features of the complex:

  • Traffic encryption according to AES-256 algorithm (other algorithms on request);
  • Session keys agreement according to the DH / ECDH scheme;
  • The voice channel protection;
  • Secure transferring of short text messages;
  • Secure files transfer;
  • Authentication of the interlocutor;
  • Protection against "Man In The Middle" attack;
  • Separate protected "address book" for secure calls.


SPACER is a subsystem of cryptographic readers for the Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). It supports contactless smart cards in the frequency band 13.56 MHz. Using of cryptographic access cards can almost completely eliminate the threat of their "cloning", i.e. creation of duplicate or "fake" cards. SPACER system allows to introduce the cryptographic cards utilization  "transparently" for a basic PACS. A distinctive feature of the system is full "independence" of the customer from the supplier: the system uses open and reliable encryption algorithms only (AES-128/192/256 and TripleDES-112/168), and the entire key system is formed by the customer directly in the readers' memory, keys never leave readers in the plain form. The system supports the ability to partition the controlled territory to independent zones with independent key systems. Each user card can support up to 12 access zones. The system supports division of the staff responsibilities by hardware.

Smart-RF Platform

Smart-RF is a universal cryptographically protected hardware-software platform for the implementation of "smart" terminals for transactions processing with contactless cards in the frequency band 13.56 MHz. The platform contains ready-to-use mechanisms of secure setup, generation, transportation and diversification of key material. The platform supports strong authentication and traffic encryption with the contactless cards. The platform uses only reliable and well-known cryptographic algorithms: AES-128/192/256 and TripleDES-112/168. The platform allows flexible configuration of business logic of cards processing and the protocols of interaction with the host system.