Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


Strong Privacy of your Mobile Communications

Now mobile communication technologies develop rapidly. It is facilitated by many factors, one of which is demand of the modern society for in-time delivery of the information. Especially it is actual for business.

With mobile communication development, the volume of confidential information, which is daily transmitted over telephone talks, is also soared. In GSM networks traffic (between a cellphone and a base station only) protected by stream ciphers A5/1 or its "light" version A5/2. However, both of these algorithms do not provide adequate security level and allow call interception and eavesdropping. From other side, in GSM providers' networks whole traffic is transmitted in open form. Modern cryptanalysis methods of A5/2 and A5/1 allow to broke them for a few minutes.

Privafon effectively solves the confidentiality problem of mobile communications through the use of fast and reliable encryption algorithm AES (FIPS 197) and efficient key agreement scheme. Minimum degradation of voice quality is achieved by optimal choice of speech codec.

Main features of Privafon which give it advantages over competitors:

  • "Point-to-point" traffic encryption;
  • Protection of any traffic by well known block symmetric cipher AES-256 (FIPS-197);
  • Utilization of a voice codec with not considerable losses of quality;
  • Secure short text message transfer;
  • Secure file transfer;
  • Reliable keys agreement protocols;
  • Utilization of the CSD channel with guaranteed bandwidth;
  • Internet connection is NOT required!

Now this product is available on order only and can be adapted to specific requirements of a customer.