Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.

Smart-RF Reader Platform

Smart-RF − Platform for secure transactions with contactless cards

Microcrypt Technologies Ltd. offers the multi-purpose hardware-software platform for development of the protected terminals for the contactless smart cards servicing. This platform is the smart reader of contactless smart cards assuming the expansion of functional according to the solved task. The base functional of the terminal includes support of the security mechanisms necessary for operation with the cards DESFire Legacy/EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, and also general-purpose contactless smart cards corresponding to ISO 14443-4 standard. The platform is intended for operative construction of contactless terminals for various applications, for example:

  • Readers of access control systems;
  • Transport payment terminals;
  • Terminals for contactless cards replenishment;
  • Portable terminals of electronic tickets control.

It is enough to realize the business logic of an appropriate process of automation for development of the completed device on the basis of this platform. The platform contains the ready implementation of the main functions necessary for implementation of majority of the business processes of transaction with contactless cards processing

  • Support of algorithms of enciphering and authentication;
  • Support of protocols of dynamic authentication "Request-Response";
  • Flexible system of key management;
  • Internal random numbers generator;
  • Support of the simplified file system;
  • Expandable command system;
  • Embedded support of the radio-frequency interface;
  • Support of the wide range of interfaces of integration with other devices;
  • System of the visual and sound indication;
  • Support of financial transactions (micropayments);
  • Native support of the PIN-keyboard;
  • Ready libraries of terminal handling  from the host-computer.

Thanks to existing support of the given above functions, the creation of the necessary device comes to implementation of the specific procedures defined by business process necessary for you. We will fulfill such adapting according to your specifications with pleasure. Applying of the given hardware platform allows you to take advantage of the experience of security terminals creation accumulated by us and to reduce your financial and time expenses of development of the complete device.

The main technical features of the "SmartRF" reader platform:

  • Support of the approved encryption standards: 3DES and AES (other algorithms upon request);
  • Hardware random number generator;
  • Support of contactless smart cards: ISO 14443A/B;
  • Support of the protocols and the command system: DESFire Legacy/EV1, Mifare Plus, Ultralight C;
  • Support of several applications on one terminal;
  • Support of SAM (optional);
  • Interface of interaction with the host-computer: USB 2.0 (optional);
  • Interface of interaction with the external controller: Wiegand-26-64, «Kodos», RS-232/RS-485 (optional);
  • Models with PIN-keyboard (optional);
  • Possibility of connection of additional peripherals;
  • Power: from USB, or external + 5V / + 12V.

The product assumes adapting according to the requirements of a customer stated and confirmed in the specification of business processes of the device application.