Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


Microcrypt Technologies Ltd. leads a wide spectrum of consulting-certified services in the field of information protection systems.

Complex consulting assumes comprehensive support of customers in the field of creation, service and development of information protection system as essential constituent of IT-infrastructure of any company. In the name of the company customers will find the reliable and experienced consultant in a field of information technologies. IT-consulting allows to estimate operation of technical office of company, the service of information protection, to discover weakness in an existing IT-infrastructure and to define optimal ways of their elimination.

IT-consulting is a necessary service for any company even having own experts in staff, because only experts in the same field can fully estimate other's work.

If you think, that regular staff do not ensure a proper level of information protection, reliable and stable operation of computer networks, access to Internet or simply wish to arrange the IT-infrastructure independent expert appraisal, you can request assistance from our experts, and receive a trustworthy information on problems interesting you in the field of information protection, operational reliability of the IT-infrastructure of the company.

As a whole, consulting services of the company contain following directions:

  • strategy formulation of establishing and development of the IT-infrastructure of the company;
  • development of requirements to the IT-infrastructure;
  • information safety;
  • the technical office organization;
  • engineering and development of IT-infrastructure.

The complex IT-consulting, led by our experts, includes the all-round analysis of infrastructure and information protection system, including its following components:

  • complex systems of information protection;
  • cryptography systems information protection;
  • local computer networks;
  • connection to Internet;
  • a protection system from viruses and attacks;
  • handling and data storage system.

IT consulting allows:

  • to discover weakness in the IT-infrastructure and receive guidelines on their optimal elimination;
  • to ensure informational safety of company;
  • to check the work of your own service of information protection, and also IT Service of the company;
  • to optimize expenditures on service and IT-infrastructure development.

At rendering of services of complex IT-consulting our employees adhere to the international quality standards in the field of information protection and IT Service of companies as a whole. We carry out the careful analysis of structure and architecture of information protection systems as making some uniform IT-infrastructure of customers with the subsequent recommendations on improving of information protection level.

In practice it means, that our customers will receive the detailed reports clear even to non-specialists, allowing to make the right solutions for supporting of information protection and control of a company IT-infrastructure in whole.