Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.

Custom Development

Today in the market of cryptography protection there is a big spectrum of ready software and hardware products, which varies depending on their purposes and functionality, integrity level, convenience of application, and also their prices. However, the application of ready software / hardware products, as a part of complicated IT-system, can be connected with the nontrivial task of correct integration of these tools in the target system; besides, the available products can not fully correspond to the specific requirements stipulated by the policy of informational safety of the company or demanded conditions of usage of ICP tools. Therefore, we offer our customers the service of development of the specialized hardware-software components and the systems, which essential function is the support of the cryptoprotection of the processing information. The stored experience of the company, and also the presence of the wide enumeration of the ready basic developments, which application allows reducing of the time and expenditures to creation, implantation and support of the ordered product, are the successful implementation of such projects.

Our process of implementation of the projects is based on three main principles: quality, flexibility and clarity.

We always aspire to select the most effective solution of the task for any project realized by us. We lead the detailed learning of the specific subject field and already existing solutions for this purpose. The continuous quality control of the developed product is fulfilled at each stage of implementation of the project; it essentially reduces costs of the subsequent implantation of a target product.

At the stage of the architecture design of the developed solution we always aspire to decomposition and unification of the functional-independent units, that allows accumulate the functional of the system effectively and to fulfill the adapting of the created solution to conditions of the usage varying in due course.

At the stage of the tasks setting we already try to estimate the possibility of usage of the components, which are already available for us, and experience for solution of the set task. As a rule, it allows to reduce the cost of implementation of the project and to fulfill all requirements of the customer in the shortest period of time. Any of the products presented on our web-site, can be adapted for specific requirements of the customer.