Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.

Custom Hardware Development

It is one of the main activity directions of Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.

Our experts realize engineering, checkout and support of a specialized hardware of information protection systems.

In the sphere of interests of the company there are such devices as: random numbers generators, protected key carriers, individual devices of authentication, cryptoaccelerators, contactless readers of access control, IP-encryptors.

Projects of a various degree of complexity are realized and all cycle of operations from preliminary learning of requirements till implantation and support of final solutions is fulfilled.

Projects are realized on following technological platforms:

  • specialized processors with integrated cryptographic transformation units;
  • modern 32-bit microcontrollers on ARM core;
  • specialized microprocessors of smart cards;
  • programmed logic arrays FPGA (on demand).

Our developers have experience and necessary tools for engineering and prototyping of equipment of various level of complexity. Tight contacts to manufacturers of accessories ensure short periods of creation of a prototype and preproduction.

The company possesses all necessary capacities for development and the subsequent support of the made equipment of any level of complexity.

The line of the hardware solutions, made by Microcrypt Technologies Ltd., allows to build complex information protection systems of any complexity level, and integrate them into informational, telecommunication systems and networks.

Nowadays, the main direction of company development in the field of engineering of cryptographic protection hardware is the application of the smart cards equipped with cryptoaccelerators both symmetric, and asymmetric cryptoalgorithms. It is stipulated by an optimality of a choice of smart cards chips as a basis for creation of safe active key carriers.

Application of smart cards chips is the optimal solution of the task of safe key carriers creation. Thanks to the specialized architecture ensuring multilevel data protection, stored and treated in the chip, and also the integrated generators of random numbers and криптоускорителей, smart cards ensure the highest level of safety stored data (at rather low cost) among all types of modern integrated circuits.

The active key carrier on the basis of a smart card can be a reliable basis for implementation of the most various applications including: digital signature and directional encryption, authentication of users and access control.

The company has partnership relations with the main world manufacturers of  smart cards chips that allows us to select the hardware-software platform of a smart card most precisely meeting needs of the project of the customer.