Microcrypt Technologies Ltd.


The sphere of activity related to creation of information protection systems is rather high technology, because generally it is required both engineering of all system according to requirements of the customer and the standard documentation in this area, and the analysis of possible channels of unauthorized access. In this connection, there is a necessity of regular carrying out of subject researches by employees of research laboratory.

Carried out subject researches allow to monitor the latest achievements and developments in the field of informational safety support, to discover new solutions and to optimize offered earlier. All it allows the employees and the company itself to keep up with the times and permanently take leading positions in the field of information protection.

Microcrypt Technologies Ltd. carries out subject researches in area of optimization, developing and cryptanalysis of following algorithms and protocols:

  • block and stream symmetric ciphers;
  • directional asymmetric ciphers and the key agreement schemes;
  • hash functions and message authentication codes (MAC);
  • electronic digital signature;
  • steganography;
  • secure communication protocols;
  • secure transactions.

Our employees publish their results of researches in specialized issues.